Our Story

Our Story

The idea for Halaqah was planted when one of our founders journeyed to refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. Seeing the trauma people had experienced he began to struggle with stress and anxiety. Soon he found mindfulness as a way to improve his mental health but still something wasn’t quite right. The mindfulness practices were lacking the spirituality of the Islamic circles he used to attend.

And so he and a team of his best friends set out to create Halaqah, to help people all over the world, from those in refugee camps to those working hectic lives in the city, benefit from the power of mindfulness and prayer.

The wisdom and guidance within the meditations in our app were created with the supervision of mental health experts and scholars. A debt of gratitude is owed to Shaykh Zaqir of Darul Arqam, Leicester, Ustadh Zaki of Suffa Foundation, London, Imam Abdus Samad of Crawley and Ustadha Salma Khan of Reading.

We would also like to thank brother Rahim Jung, brother Ramzi Sleiman, sister Shamoly Hoque-Noorudeen, sister Selina Bakkar, Dr Asma Zamir, brother Shehzad Hanif, brother Wajid Haque, brother Mustafa Kamara, brother Mustafa Rahman, sister Zara Rose, brother Turon, brother Tahir Khan, brother Osman, brother Kamran, brother Faisal Salim, brother Omar Esa, brother Ehsaan Tahmid, brother Quinn Pohl, Robert Johnson and brother Adnan Ahmad for their time and energy in helping to create Halaqah.


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