With Allah’s name, and His blessing, we set out on a mission. A mission to bring peace and tranquility to peoples’ hearts.

It’s been a difficult year for everyone. And with the world the way it is, we need Allah’s remembrance now more than ever to bring us a sense of stability and calm.

Halaqah is our small effort to do that. It gives you the opportunity to take part in the remembrance of Allah, and to be guided through your emotions with guided meditations.

We went to great lengths to research and record sessions that will immerse you in a spiritual experience. Guided by scholars and mental health experts, the courses we’ve created should offer some respite to your mind and soul from the onslaught of busy living.

Dhikr, or the remembrance of Allah, is part of a rich Islamic tradition going back to the Prophet Muhammad himself, peace be upon him. It focuses the mind on the source of everything, Allah. You can say it’s a type of Islamic meditation, but more powerful because of the spiritual element connecting you to Your Creator.

Mindfulness is an ancient practice and now it’s rooted in science. It teaches you consciousness and awareness to help you be present in the moment.

By combining these practices using our app, we pray you’ll find yourself on your way to a more peaceful and tranquil heart. We ask for your prayers to make Halaqah better. You can download Halaqah – Muslim Meditation on the Apple app store or Google Play store

Fi Amanillah.

Jubair – Co Founder, Halaqah